Blog 2 Millennium Stadium

In the last five years, Cardiff has built on its reputation as a world-class centre for international sport. The city has been the passionate home of Welsh rugby for more than a century, housed in the iconic Millennium Stadium. Rugby now takes its place alongside a host of other international sport.

(Visit Cardiff, 2014)





Millennium Stadium Retractable Roof (Key Facts)

  • The total roof-cover measures 223m
  • Supported by cables attached to four 93m-tall pylons
  • The pylons comprise two 220m main steel trusses crossed over by five lateral trusses on each section of the retractable roof
  • The two 500t retractable roof sections, pulled by winch cables, take 20 minutes to move along the rails
  • The total area of the perimeter canopy ring is 27,000m² (290,625ft²).














Stadium Seating






Overall (Seated)

74,500 Spectators

Upper Tier

33,000 Spectators Level 6

Middle Tier

18,000 Spectators Levels 4 & 5

Lower Tier

23,500 Spectators






Events Held at the Millennium Stadium

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Motorsport
  • Eventing
  • Speedway
  • Concerts
  • Boxing




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