TOWS Matrix and SWOT Analysis

TOWS Matrix and SWOT Analysis




Regular Structural Tests will allow for us to keep an eye on the foundations of the Stadium. The British Climate can wear down the structural foundations of the Stadium, the weakness here is the Environmental Ware and tear and the threat is the British Climate.


Improving and Increasing the amount of advertising, for the behind the pitch events such as, the Wedding Reception Facilities and Conference Halls.

The weakness is the lack of advertising and the threat is other Conference Halls and Wedding Receptions.



It is now harder for the Stadium to sell expensive tickets, due to the target market are feeling the pinch.

Weakness not compromising on the price of tickets and the threat is the lack of people able to attend the stadium.

Allowing the media to advertise the stadium more frequently across Wales and the surrounding Cities, will interest the customers, however Media coverage can have an adverse effect on the Stadium, by stopping the spectators to watch games and events on the TV.  The opportunity is the idea of more media coverage bringing in more revenue, and the weakness will be the fall in crowds because of the TV.


Compromising on the Ticket Prices by setting up Package deals can help with the competition from Wembley, Murrayfield and the O2 Arena. The opportunity is the chance to promote themselves as an affordable venue to persuade spectators to choose them and the weakness is the recession and unemployment status.


Due to the location of the Millennium Stadium is restricted to Car Parking, however to combat this, the possible idea of a ‘Park and Ride’ system to be in place would benefit the Stadium greatly.

The opportunity is the chance to build a Park and Ride Centre on the outskirts of the city, and the weakness to the stadium is the unreasonable Parking for the Stadium.


The Retractable Roof allows for the Millennium Stadium to continue its functions with any weather conditions faced. This gives it the edge over the other big competitors, Wembley, The Emirates and Murrayfield, that don’t have the roof. The Air Conditioning unit allows for a more comfortable environment.

The Strength here is the Air Conditioning Unit and Retractable Roof, and the Threat is the competition if they decide to invest in a retractable roof.


The viewing at Stadiums can sometimes be restricted by Structural objects, however the Millennium Stadium prides itself on allowing for a unique viewing experience, every seat in the Stadium is not impeded, unlike the other stadiums.

Strength here is the unique viewing and the threat is the competition.


As a major focal point in Wales, it can be seen to attract a variety of events, not just Rugby. With the likes of other sports, Motor Cross, Live Gigs and Monster Truck Stunt Rallies.

The Strength here is its willingness to diverse to bring in the crowd along with it being such an iconic building in Wales. The threat here would be the other stadiums starting to diverse.


Social Networking is a key strength here too. The Millennium Stadium allows for everyone to get coverage, whereas, The O2 Arena, The Emirates and Twickenham are all O2 hubs, and only allow for O2 users to receive network coverage. Dampening the experience of the viewing to those not on O2.



The strength here is it allows for the spectator to still interact with the outside world, check other vital scores. A threat to the Millennium Stadium in this respect would be the idea that other networking companies would try to make the Millennium Stadium an individual network hub.


Having the Retractable Roof allows for the opportunity to appeal to the wider audience over the other Stadiums, it offers the chance to stay dry during wet conditions, it stops the cold chill winds hitting the spectators.

The Strength here is it allows for the events to carry on even in terrible conditions, and the opportunity is the fact that it can advertise these conditions to the spectators.


No bad seating at the Millennium Stadium allows for the Stadium to advertise the unique viewing experience, giving it that edge over the other competitors.

The strength is the seating and its unique viewing experience and the opportunity is it allows for the Stadium to advertise this over the stadiums in conjunction for the services of the events. 


The turf of the Millennium Stadium is also removable.  The stadium therefore can offer other events, such as Motor Cross and Monster Truck Stunt Rallies. The turf at the other stadiums can’t be removed.

The Strength here is the removable turf, allowing for the opportunity for the adaptability of the Stadium, to bring in even further revenue.


The Millennium Stadium has great transport links however, has awful Car Park Facilities. To tackle this, the Millennium Stadium could invest in an out of City ‘Park and Ride.’ This will be beneficial to those commuting to Cardiff by car. They could also do deals with the Transport companies to try and making the commute cheaper for everyone.





The Strength here is the accessibility to the Stadium by Public Transport, however, the opportunity to tackle the Car Parking issue is the ‘Park and Ride’ scheme and the chance to ask for deals with the Transport Companies.


With so many different spectators visiting the Millennium Stadium every year it is impossible for the Stadium to offer Season Tickets, so in order to combat this, the Stadium could in fact offer out Priority Tickets to those who sign up as a member to the Stadium, but only buy tickets for the events they want.  This way it allows for Membership Fees (extra Revenue) and the chance for regular visitors to get seats first.

Strength is the many spectators and the opportunity is the idea of Membership and Priority Seats.




Critical Success Factors

The TOWS matrix helps identify Millennium Stadium’s Critical Success Factors (CSF). These factors represent those managerial or enterprise area, that must be given special and continual attention to bring about high performance. CSFs include issues vital to the Stadium’s current operating activities and to its future success.

The Millennium Stadium’s top CSFs are as follows:

  1. The Structure of the Building: the retractable roof, the seating, the removable grass and the stadium’s boxes which can be rented out. All this offers for a unique experience.
  2. Surrounding Infrastructure: improve the customer journey by providing a park and ride system and fan parks.
  3. Variety of Sports on Show: Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Motor Sports, Eventing, Boxing and Music Concerts. This allows for a wide range of viewing and allows for the stadium to offer promotions on the different sports.
  4. Merchandising: the sale of Wales Rugby Merchandise, food and drinks. 

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